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Ankole Capital is makes it easier to make a social impact investment and realise the financial win-win.






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Impact Investing Services For Funds And Investors

Ankole Capital and partners help you to source and filter out the social impact investments that best fit your social investment mandate and create growth and income for the endusers and investors alike. We partner with technology companies with social impact qualifications, offering them fundraising, risk, operations and communications services that create success in Sub-Saharan Africa.


We source and filter out the social impact investments that have the greatest chance of growth and reward for the end-users and investors.

Manage ESG Risk and Compliance

Through our ESG partner, we provide the design and implementation of social, environmental and governance management systems.

Operations and Value-Add

We help companies create the infrastructure to make their investment a success including supply chain and placement of ESG staff.



Through our ESG communications partner, we provide communications guidance and delivery for sustainability at fund manager or corporate level.

Making A Difference

When considering investment in Africa, considering investments that not only yield significant financial returns but also have a social impact, is fast becoming a theme for many investors, both in Africa and Europe alike.

Ankole Capital has aligned itself with some of the market leaders in Impact Investment and through these partnerships will continue to support and build out the ecosystem, to ensure that we can assist companies looking to invest in meaningful opportunities while generating a solid return on their investment.

Ankole Capital sources social impact investments for those looking for African market expertise. We have sector experience and networks in the three major impact sectors of Healthcare, Energy and Finance, where high growth, mass-market opportunities exist and social impact can be realised.

Impact Investment Sector Focus


We see opportunities to leap towards mass access to healthcare through the combination of technology and radical thinking. The convergence of data, connectivity, devices and treatments is significantly improving affordability and patient outcomes. At the same time, we are finding healthcare companies that offer scalable, turnkey service solutions.

Renewable Energy

Africa is at the forefront of improving mass-market access to clean energy through innovative distribution, disruptive business models and off-grid technology. Opportunities with companies leveraging sophisticated remote monitoring technology, data analytics, and machine-learning algorithms are popping up on a regular basis. Technology cuts service costs, improves product lifespan, and increases reliability for distributed energy service operations in Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia.

Financial Services

We offer investment opportunities in companies and funds that will revolutionise financial inclusion. The relevant sub-sectors are microfinance, Fintech, small and medium-sized banks, money operators, correspondent banking and peer-to-peer lenders.


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