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Ankole Capital is a team of South African financial service and investment professionals that specialise in developing tailored investment, funding and business development solutions. We get to know our clients’ needs, their investment priorities, funding requirements and growth objectives, and we provide bespoke, tactical solutions and strategies that deliver results.
Bespoke Deal Origination

Bespoke deal origination for funds, family offices and investors.

The deployment of a proactive and strategic deal origination methodology consistently yields higher returns. Increased deal flow and pipeline that is relevant drives capital demand and ensures efficient deployment during the evaluation phase for new transactions.

Ankole Capital offers bespoke and proactive deal origination services, and through leveraging our global network, we find and assess opportunities in geographies and sectors that meet your investment criteria and mandate.

Business Development And New Market Entry

Bespoke business development and market access services.

Accessing new markets for your products or service offerings can prove challenging for many companies. A significant amount of time can be spent finding suitable partners, that you can trust to deliver.

Ankole Capital with its network of trusted global partners provides bespoke business development and market access services and solutions. Our existing trade relationships, regional in-country experts and trusted network, help us to provide efficient and cost-effective global sales strategies and operations solutions.

Capital Raising for Mid-Market Companies

Capital funding that optimises future growth and reduces risk.

Raising the right type and combination of capital for your company is fundamental to ensuring that your growth and strategic objectives are met.

If you are looking to raise capital or debt to expand, fund acquisitions or facilitate a restructure, or you are just looking for short-term working capital; then the Ankole Capital team can help. Our financial service professionals assess the right form of capital best suited to your requirements and guide you through the fundraising process.

Impact Investment and Management

Impact investing services for funds, family offices and investors. 

Traditionally Impact Investment is associated with investment initiatives that have a positive social and environmental impact. Over the past decade, however, this sector has evolved to reach the tipping point where positive investment returns are realised, within maturing and proven sustainable ecosystems and within specific investment themes.

Ankole Capital offers responsible investors the opportunity to diversify and de-risk their investment portfolios by providing Impact Investment Services that yield both positive investment returns and impact on communities. The increasing prosperity of these communities, facilitated through impact investment, remains to be at the core of the opportunity that emerging markets present.

Sector Expertise

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