Capital raising for mid-market companies

Whether you are looking to raise capital for expansion, sell your company to realise the fruits of your labour, or are looking for a partner that can help you grow your business and access new markets, Ankole Capital can help.


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Capital Funding And Mid-Market Services
We provide a range of services for companies wishing to grow their business through funding vehicles and improve their business development strategy and enter new markets.

Advisory Services

Get your company ‘investor ready’ with professional financial and business modeling.

Intelligent Introductions

We screen potential investors and only introduce those that have a mandate fit.


Business Development

Strategic business development and market access services for companies wanting to expand in to other markets.

Sell Side Services

Sell side services for companies looking to exit or raise capital for expansion.

Transaction Management

Complete transaction management to take the strain off of your in-house staff and ensure smooth delivery.
Powerful Teamwork And Expertise
By working with Ankole Capital, you gain a trusted partner who helps you to manage your business growth and expand into new markets.

Raising the right type of capital for your company is fundamental to making your new venture successful. You may be looking to raise capital or debt to expand, fund acquisitions or facilitate a restructure, or just as short-term working capital. We can help you assess the right form of capital best suited to your requirements and guide you through the fundraising process.

Through our partnerships, we have access to professionals throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America, which provide us with significant reach from a business development perspective.

We are experienced in assessing and evaluating businesses and understanding and introducing appropriate sources of finance to our clients. We make a critical appraisal of your funding requirements, and the potential sources of that funding prior to starting an assignment.

Now is the time to grow your business investments.

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