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Ankole Capital is “Bullish on Africa”.




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We Harness Growth And Opportunity In Africa

Ankole Capital is Bullish on Africa and we have the expertise, networks and partnerships to help you navigate the opportunities and risks. We find for you, the right investments, local alliances, new markets and funding vehicles to ensure that you share in the future prosperity of the African continent.

Billion people by 2030.

GDP by 2020 (tr, USD)

Annual demand for infrastructure financing (bn, USD)

Retail sales in 2017 (bn USD)


Population living in cities by 2030.

Household consumption by 2023 (tr, USD)

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Founded in 2018, Ankole Capital is a team of South African financial services, business development and investment professionals who specialise in crafting bespoke investment advisory, capital raising and business development solutions that are pro-active, focused and strategic to your business.


With over 60 years combined experience in Financial Services in Africa and Europe, Ankole Capital is uniquely positioned to offer tailor-made services to Investment Funds and Investors looking for quality deal flow from the African continent.


Through leveraging our formal partnerships and networks consisting of a Global Cross-border Advisory Firm, Foreign Direct Investors, Family Offices, Institutional Investors, Private Equity and Private Investors, we assist both European and African based funds in raising capital – with the common thread being an African focused investment mandate.


In addition to offering bespoke capital raising services to companies, we also provide business development and market access services.


Our core values of honesty, transparency, integrity and a collaborative effort form the foundation of our team and business. We invest our time in getting to know your team and business, and we identify areas where we add direct value within the investment value chain.

The Story Behind Our Name

“Ankole” is a breed of longhorn cattle indigenous to Sub-Saharan Africa. “Capital” is derived from the Latin word “Capitalis”, the root of which means “head.” Historically in Africa, the more heads of cattle you acquire, the wealthier you become.

The Ankole Capital name is representative of our pedigree, deeply rooted African heritage and networks with long and extensive reach throughout Africa, Asia and South America.

Ankole Capital is born in this time of significant opportunity for the African continent.

Our African heritage and experience in different facets of financial services, coupled with our formal global partnerships and respective relationships that span over decades, make Ankole Capital unique and gives you the competitive advantage in the African market.

Partner with us and realise the tremendous value that the African continent has to offer.


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