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At Ankole we offer tailor-made and pro-active solutions to Investment Funds, and Investor Services companies, looking for quality deal flow from the African continent.


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Services For Investment Funds and Investors
We provide a range of services to Investment Funds and Investors wanting to invest in the unique opportunities that Africa has to offer.  Our services are tailored to your investment requirements, attitude to risk and whether you wish to generate regular income or create growth over the long term.

Investment Sourcing

Best practice in pro-actively sourcing African based investments that align with your investment mandate.

Transaction Screening

Transaction screening to ensure qualified relevant deal flow.

Country Alliance

We help manage geographic risk by providing in-country experts and by identifying suitable investment partners for syndication on deals.

Fund Raising

We match your investment funding requirements with the most beneficial solution for you and your business.
Bullish On Africa
Employing proactive deal origination methodology yields consistently higher returns through an increased deal flow that is relevant to, and aligned with your capital deployment strategy.

Ankole Capital offers bespoke and proactive deal origination services, with a global network that can access investment opportunities in several geographies and sectors that meet your criteria and your mandate.

By partnering with Ankole Capital, you gain a trusted partner who manages the top of your investment funnel. We do this by digesting the information before referring deals to you, ensuring relevance and increasing efficiency during the initial screening and evaluation phase.

Through our formal partnerships, we have access to investment professionals throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America, which provides us with significant reach from a deal sourcing, capital raising and business development perspective, helping you to make smart investment choices in Africa.


Working With Us

Ankole Capital understands that investors have their unique perspective on opportunity evaluation, deal structure, and exit strategies.

The Ankole Capital team works with investors and target companies from deal evaluation, deal pricing, structure and terms, working with investors once the deal has been signed, and exit.

We partner with our clients and work with their internal teams to ensure they succeed.


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